5 Essential Tips for Traveling with Baby


After cruising through the hectic months of pregnancy and delivery, you might want to take up some travel to take some time off and relax your tired mind and body. Interestingly enough, traveling with your baby is not as tough as what you might have thought of!With the advent of technology and new gadgets, traveling with your baby is a lot easier and comfortable.

What should your ‘Baby Bag’ have?

You have to keep in mind the potential needs of your baby to avoid giving you and your baby a hard time during your trip. The list should include all the amenities that ensure a comfortable travel both for you and your baby. Basic medicines including medicines for fever, pain-killer, antiseptic, cough etc., thermometer, a diaper cream, a moisturizer, cleaning wipes, teething tablets, soap, lotion, baby toothbrush and toothpaste, nail clippers, dish soap and a brush to clean milk bottles, pump, a handy bag for disposing off dirty laundry of your little one, disinfecting wipes, a cereal container with a spoon, sanitizer, a sunscreen, baby sipper, sauce pouches, milk bottles, and some toys to keep your baby occupied while you are sorting yourself up.


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Apart from these, there are some items that would certainly feel like a blessing to have. Remember, babies do not like being enclosed for long periods of time like in a car or another vehicle. Also, to prevent the baby from getting cranky, you have to make necessary provisions to ensure your baby sleeps on time and without any disturbance.

Mat or a Blanket-You can consider carrying a large baby mat so that whenever you are waiting for your flight or have your stroll around the beach, you can make your baby relax and a have an easy fun time before you hook her up again to the stroller.

Stroller or a push chair-The choice between the two is purely up to you, but you should definitely have one out of these so keep the baby comfortable while traveling.

Breast pumps- You might not always get a space to comfortably breast-feed your baby. With an electric breast pump or a hospital grade breast pump, you can always keep the milk in cooler bottles and feed your baby whenever you feel like. Plus, it would also help to prevent the terrible milk spills. You should ensure that you choose the best breast pump suitable to your needs.

Noise cancellation headsets- If you are aiming at a late night candle-light dinner with your partner or have just made your baby sleep before that long flight, a good pair of noise-cancellation headphones will stop waking up the baby from the music and the flight announcements.

Plan you attractions- It is a good idea to stay as close to the main attractions of the city as possible, so that minimum travel time is required to reach there. You should plan your attractions in such a way that gives rest to your baby in frequent intervals.

The key is to relax and do not mentally make it a task to travel with your baby. You should know that it is important to change your mindset and minimize the related anxiety and stress while you travel with your cute little one.


Updated: April 24, 2017 — 7:48 pm

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