9 Items to be Included in the Pregnancy Care List



Well, if you are pregnant and worried about what will happen to your body nine months from now, you are not alone. There are many new moms to be who are confused and inquisitive about what to expect in pregnancy. Luckily enough, there are various pregnancy products in the market that can ease out the problems you face during pregnancy.

Maternity Bra: One reason to have the right maternity bra is of course the changing size of your breasts. The bra you choose should hold the breasts firmly in place and should keep you comfortable at all times.

Shoes: You just cannot afford to wear your fancy heels which promise to give you a bulk full of pain around your waist, legs, feet, and yes, the backbone! You should rather go for any type of flat shoes that also keep up to your style quotient.

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Maternity Denims: Well, you are pregnant all right, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear denims at all and all you have, is an ugly-looking pair of stretchable pants. Just buy a pair or a two for a different look and break the monotony.

Anti-stretch marks lotion/cream: You have to ensure to keep the skin of your stomach always moisturized with a good anti-stretch marks lotion or at least a moisturizing cream or oil to do away with the stretch marks.

Maternity pillow: You can try different types of maternity pillows or body pillows that help you to sleep well at night. The good thing is that some of these maternity pillows can also be used while breast-feeding your baby later.

Massager: There are different types of massagers available in the market. You can choose between electronic, battery-powered massagers, or hot massage bags filled with wax or hot water. These will help you to ease out inevitable cramps and back pain as the pregnancy progresses.

Breast pumps-You can choose between a manual breast pump and an electric model, to help you set up a fixed feeding pattern of your baby. Most electric breast pumps from good manufacturers are hospital grade breast pumps, you can use them at ease for frequent pumping sessions. All the more, these are quite safe and hygienic to use. You can research and choose the best breast pump for your needs.

Some must-haves for acidity and heartburn:

Ginger: Ginger is a very good antidote for morning sickness. You should keep it yourself with you to ward-off the deadly morning sickness every morning. Most pregnant women face morning sickness, particularly during the early months of pregnancy.

Acidity-relieving pills: Due to intense pressure on the stomach and the oesophagus, the stomach- acids move up the food pipe giving you the dreary feeling of acidity. You can try the acidity pill as suggested by your doctor and also make the necessary lifestyle changes to deal with it.

These products will surely help to deal with the pregnancy and the related concerns to keep you ready and happy while you welcome your little one into the world.



Updated: April 24, 2017 — 7:47 pm

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