10 Baby Essentials to buy while Baby Shopping


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Preparing for a baby’s arrival is something parents look forward to. Other than the usual items that include clothes, a pram or a stroller, bath stuff, and diapers for your baby, there is a whole range of baby products that will make your life a lot easier, thanks to the researchers in the field.

10 Baby Essentials to buy while Baby Shopping

Feeding Pillow: A feeding pillow is specifically designed to help the mother and the baby maintain a proper posture while feeding. This helps to avoid undue strain on the neck and the back of the mother and keeps the baby comfortable while feeding.
Breast Pumps: As it may not be always possible for you to breastfeed your baby yourself, you can use breast pumps to extract milk from your breasts and store it in cooler bags or bottles. You can either go for a manual breast pump or an electric breast pump. A hospital grade breast pump is normally considered to be the best breast pump as compared to other models.
Feeding Accessories: You will need an ointment to treat sore nipples, and a hot or cold gel pack to soothe sore breasts. Also, you would need breast pads to deal with milk leakage during the lactation period.

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Laundry Detergent: You should buy a detergent specifically suited for baby clothes. The harmful chemicals in normal detergents might have a harmful effect on the ultra-soft skin of the baby.
Diaper Cream: Babies get diaper rashes very frequently. So a diaper cream is a must have to prevent your baby from these rashes and keep him comfortable.
Baby Carrier: While the stroller will solve the purpose to quite an extent, you might as well consider buying a baby carrier to take to places where it is not always comfortable to carry a pram.
Baby-tether and Nail-cutter: A baby teether helps to soothe the gums of the baby while it is in the teething phase. A baby nail-cutter often comes with an attached magnifier to help in cutting the soft nails of the baby with utmost caution.
Car Seat: A car seat is a good investment as you just cannot avoid travel with your baby. A car seat will keep the baby safe and securely tied while the car is in motion.
Milk Bottles and Bottle

Warmers: You will definitely need more than a pair of milk bottles to have milk handy, particularly while traveling. You might as well consider buying bottle warmers which quickly warm the milk at set temperatures.
Baby Monitor: A Baby monitor tracks movements of the baby at all times. You just need to fix it near the baby and you get to know the moment it wakes up, while you are sitting in the other room.
Of course, you can make additions to the list depending on specific requirements of your little one, but these things help in addressing most of the baby-needs to ensure you have a good time parenting your kid.

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